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I know that for the last weekend I had set up a little challenge. The challenge was to take hazy photos using a sandwich back.  Well I never got around to doing so. On Friday morning I found a little Gem on Craigslist for an OK price and I had to get it. This little gem is the Canon PowerShot G10. The G10 is more than a Point and Hope camera. It’s a ‘semi’ professional point and shoot camera. It has the ability to control the aperture, shutter speed, ISO and exposure compensation, but wait there is more it can shoot raw. I know that there aren't many point and shoot cameras out there with this capability. The downside, kind of it does not shoot raw in AUTO mode, only in Program Mode which is not really a problem because I didn’t buy this camera to use it on AUTO mode. Even though this camera was released in 2008 it still has a better score than the Nikon J1 that was released 3 years later or the newer Nikon 1J3

 Now to the problem that I have…. I’m leaving for Vegas in 2 weeks. The problem is do I want to carry this little guy with me and take photos, or carry my Canon 60D with 4 lenses and 20lbs of accessories. … hmm tough decision.

Here is a sample shot with the G10 in a low 
light restaurant on AUTO mode. I say not bad.

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