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Vegas 2013

I haven't posted anything in a couple of weeks because i have been either gone or super busy. First was Vegas then Whistler. Other than traveling I have been focusing on my other hobbies... my VW. :)
Anyway in Vegas i took the Canon Powershot G10. To be honest the camera did an ok job. Needless to say i no longer have the camera. I have upgraded to the Canon EOS M with a 22mm 1:2 STM lens. Yes, i know it's discontinued.. but the IQ of this camera is way better.  You will get to see pictures from this camera soon.  But for now here is a few samples of the G10. Keep in mind in Vegas it was always raining and gloomy weather so for the conditions I think it did an OK job.

All of these photos were shot in RAW mode and adjusted in LightRoom. :)

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