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D7100 Manual Focus and Live View Magnification

One of the things I had a hard time doing with my canon is getting sharp photos. This can partially be blamed on my technique. Manual focus was quite difficult for me. And the other part was the Autofocus system which i always thought it was lacking. My Canon 60D had only 9 Focus points and 1 cross type.

One technique to improve your manual focus is using the live view. You switch to live view and zoom in to 100% and then you adjust your focus.
 Here are 2 examples on how to do this.

Here is a tutorial at Digital Photography School that uses a Canon camera.

Below is a youtube video showing how to do this on a Nikon D800. This should be very similar on the other models as well. The video is not just about the Live view but some of the issues that the D800 has. You can just ignore that part.

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