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First shots from Nikon D7100

After 4 years of shooting nothing but Canon entry level ( Rebel TXi, Rebel T2i, EOS 60D and EOS M) I took a big leap and joined the dark side. On March 2014 I decided to sell my kit lens that came with the 60D. My copy of the 18-200mm was terrible. I have tried all possible thing to get sharp in focus photos, and no luck. It wasn't the camera, the camera did fine with the other lenses that I had. The Tokina and Tamron were amazing. So I had listed the 18-200 lens on CraigsList. A month later no inquiries. So I decided to sell the whole kit. I figured i can sell the camera with the lens and afterwards pick up a new camera body and i'm good. While i was doing so i was contemplating upgrading. 70D, 7D or the 6D

All of the cameras I was looking at were fantastic. The 70D is amazing and so is the 6D. The 7D is a little outdated and there are rumors of the 7D MK 2 being on the horizon.  What to do, what to do.
After talking to lots of folks, everyone was encouraging me to look at different brands. Some recommended the SONY a7, Fuji, others were suggesting i would try Nikon. Almost everyone i knew had a Nikon. Granted most of them don't know what any of the letters on the dial mean. Anyway I had used a D80 before and a D3100 and even though i had a hard time finding my way around the dials, the photos I was able to get with those cameras were amazing. The image quality impressed me. And the shutter sound. :)
One other thing that got me seriously looking at nikon was the 51 focus points. It's nice to be able to move the focus point where you want it. But anyway I have said too much. For now i will leave you with some recent photos taken with my new D7100.

Wall on 3rd in Queen Anne Seattle

It seems that when i uploaded these photo google has messed with the brightness. :(  I don't know how to undo this. To see the images as intended check out the facebook post at:

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