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Slippers. Product Photography.

Being a beginner at photography, everything is a first to me. One of my college roommates I keep in contact with, asked me if I could help out one of his friends to start a business. A website that sells slippers to be exact. I never turn down a good challenge.
They reached out to me, told me it was something they needed done quick. So the next weekend, I got to it. Here are the results. Most of these were shot with the Tamron SP 70-200MM F/2.8 DI VC USD which happens to be my new favorite lens. It doesn't leave my camera anymore.

I shot these in the apartment. Lucky it had a big window with lots of light. Even so there wasn't enough light so i had to add a little artificial light. I used a Yongnuo YN-560 II Flash. I bought it last year and it's been in my camera bag ever since. For the price you can't go wrong with it. Heck I want to buy at least one more. I didn't use it as a on camera flash. I used Yongnuo RF-602 wireless flash trigger. Another bargain product that does an amazing job.

Initially I bought these to use with my Canon setup but they work just fine with my Nikon so i didn't bother selling them and purchasing the Nikon version for either the flash or the triggers. Enough with how and what. Let the photos speak for themselves.  Comments are welcome.

The hardest part about this, is coming up with a creative way to imply that they are comfortable and people love using them for indoor and outdoor. I envisioned people wearing these having coffee by the fireplace. But since they had no models, I did the best I could.  

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