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Recently I have been talking to local hobbyist photographers about displaying their art and selling channels that are available to artists. The problem now days is, the market is saturated with amazing photographers. They are all competing for a decreasing number of buyers out there over 100s of channels each being flooded with great photographs.

The list goes on.

One factor that plays into the low number of buyers out there is the affordability of digital cameras. Now days there is an increasing number of DSLRs in the average home. Yes most of them are entry level with kit lenses gathering dust. However it gives too many folks the false impression that they could easily get out there and take amazing shots like some professional photographers making them less inclined to purchase photographs available on the web.

The other factor affecting everyone, is the vast numbers of amazing photographers out there fighting in the same space. This is one of the outcome of the first factor. Affordable cameras, yields more people trying their hand at this craft and some of them being very talented and determined.

The moral of the story is: there are lots of ways to get photographs out for people to see, the problem is there are very many great photographers out there, so unless you have something special to show, it will be very hard to get anywhere.

That being said, there some really crappy photographers out there that manage to sell their craft and to get published. That being said, don't give up, don't let yourself be intimidated by the amazing photographers out there and give it your best shot.

I wont be giving up, I even set up and Etsy store:

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