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A marijuana grower/distributor in Washington asked for my photography services. I was hired to get photos of the products to be used in promotional materials along with their website. This was and awesome gig. I got to play with all my toys and I got something out of it. This was not the fist paid gig, but it was more fun than the rest. It was challenging.  

First off i must begin by saying i know nothing of Marijuana. I know it's legal in Washington and Colorado and that the smell of the Marijuana smoke makes me sick.  With that in mind I was excited. The challenge, how to photograph plants. What is the right lens? What is the right lighting?
Here comes the breakdown. 

Lighting Set Up

For almost all of the shoot i have used to 2 lights(strobes $120) 2 stand($60) s and 2 umbrellas($40) and triggers ($50). This is the cheapest Strobist kit you can put together. Its portable and it's not bad. If you don't know what a strobist is, check out David Hobby's  for more information. He is a great photographer, DIYer and budget photographer that has great ideas and reviews. 


For the product shots  

Also for the product in the jars I used a light tent.
LimoStudio 25" x 25" Square Light Box Tent with 4 x Backdrops

There are other things that I didn't include here because it seems like it was too much. But at some point in the photo shoot i pulled the plants out of the growing light and used the white inside of my LimoStudio 43" 5-in-1, Reflector as a background and shot the plants in the pots. So ya a $15 dollar thing can be used for many purposes.

This was a great experience and I'd love to do it again. And if you get a change you should get out there and challenge yourself and take some great photos.

If you like my photos follow me on instagram+monkifoto  @monkifoto

If you are interested in the products I just photographed, check out their website.

Verdavanti - Pacific Northwest's Premier Cannabis Grower

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