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Professional Portraits

Recently I have been getting quite a few requests for these new professional portraits. With all the professional sites out there people are looking for better portraits. Your Facebook photo is no longer acceptable on LinkedIn 

The days of the studio background portraits are gone. The new generation of professionals are looking for something to set themselves apart from available pool of talent out there. There is no better way of doing that than standing out, being different and remember-able with a new portrait photo.

As you can see for this example, I talked to the client and asked what exactly she was looking for. She wanted something more than a passport photo. She wanted to be pictured in the working environment. We scheduled the shoot couple of days later. Luckily the weather was beautiful that day so we decided to start outside. We found a park near by the office building and picked a spot under the shadow of a tree.  Perfect lighting.

Thirty minutes later we were off into the office building looking for a conference room. I used 2 shoot through umbrellas and 2 Youngnuo flashes to light up the room.Shooting in the conference rooms becomes tricky if they have lots of windows. You have to watch your reflections.

Tools of the trade

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