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Best Point and Shoot Camera

Sony RX100. That was easy.
A while back i decided I need a smaller camera to take with me on a hikes and other adventures where a full size DSLR with 5 different lenses was not a livable option. So like any other person I looked at the sub $200 price range cameras, thinking i can get something decent.

I bough the Nikon S7000 for a good deal. Costco and Amazon has it on sale for $199 so I figured id try it since i got it for 1/2 price. It lasted about 5 days before i decided to get rid of it. I sold it at what I paid for it just to get rid of it quick.

  • Small
  • Light
  • Wi-Fi/ NFC
  • Long Range Zoom
  • No Raw photo ability
  • Image Quality Bad
  • Focus Bad
  • Horrible video
In all honesty my 13MP camera on my Nexus 6 Phone produces better quality photos than this camera and I can even save them as RAW. I still don't know camera manufactures can claim 18mp on a camera yet when you zoom in on the image it looks like a mush. 

I wasn't ready to give up. I was just glad I was able to move on without taking a financial loss on the camera to move to something better.
While the Nikon S7000 was up for sale I was doing some detailed research. I needed something with a 1 inch sensor or better.  I was looking at Sony A6000, the  Canon G7x and Canon EOS M3. I had previously owned a Canon PowerShot G11 which wasn't that bad to be honest. From the Canon PowerShot G11 I had upgraded to a Canon EOS M which was fantastic.(except for slow  save in between photos, maybe my card was really slow.) The  Canon EOS M is a fantastic camera especially with the 22mm STM lens. I did the mistake a purchasing the adapter to be able to attach my canon lenses to the Canon EOS M. Once you do that its no longer portable. I was always thinking i should get this lens with me and this one .. and I was back to having a full bag. I repeated the same mistake when I had my Olympus OMD  E-M10. So this time i was looking for something small where i don't need nor can have accessories or lenses. That's what the big gun is for.

After a good few hours for research I have made my decision. Try the Sony RX100's. There are 4 versions out there and they have different prices. The Sony RX100, Sony RX100 II,  Sony RX100 III and  Sony RX100 IV

Here is my little Excel Comparison.
Hot Shoe
Flip UP Screen
f1.8-4.9 28-100mm YES YES NO NO
f1.8-2.8 24-70mm NO NO YES YES
Electronic View Finder NO NO YES YES
4k Video NO NO NO YES
Integrated ND Filter NO NO NO YES
Slow Motion Video NO NO NO YES

I decided I'd be happy with any of them on the lowest budget. I don't really shoot a lot of video even though it would be nice to be able to do slow motion video. Anyway I decided to go look local for a used one. Craigslist was my first option. There were 2 on there for sale. One looked a little dinged up Ver 2 and the guy was asking 400 and the other was a Ver 1 and the guy was asking 300 with a case and some cables and a spare battery. I started the negotiations with the both of them. It's not really a good deal unless i get some $$ off the asking price. I managed to get the Ver 1 for $250. Not a bad deal. It looked like it was well taken care of so, $150 less than retail  with a spare battery and a cable to hook it up to the iPad.. .. score.

As soon as i took possession of the camera i immediately took it out for a photo-shoot to see how it holds up to my Nikon D610. I have to say the results were impressive.

This is a long exposure with the RX100  6 seconds, F5.0, ISO 80
Click to see full resolution.

After that I decided to push this little gem. I was covering an event this weekend and I put the camera against my Nikon D7000 and my Nikon D610. Again I was pleasantly surprised.

At 3200 ISO the Sony was performing superior to the Nikon D7000


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