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Olympus OM-D E-M10 with 14-42mm lens

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On a December sleepless night in Seattle I was killing time watching Netflix and playing on my tablet. When I get a notification form my slickdeals app that the Reconditioned Olympus OM-D E-M10 is on sale for $300 + tax and shipping. Regular price for the camera everywhere i looked . $549. So i figured why not, I can always return it.

I submitted the order at 2am. At 6am i get an email that the camera shipped and it will be delivered in 2 days. I'm excited.
The entire time I was waiting for the camera i was comparing it on the internet with other mirror-less cameras.

It seemed like an OK camera if you just look at specs, until i got it. It turned out to be a fantastic camera. I was thinking i can sell my girlfriends Nikon D7000 and give her this one. I even picked up an Fotasy Nikon to Micro Four Thirds adapter for it to work with Nikon lenses.

The photos with the kit lens were fantastic. They were sharp, vibrant. See the photos below. These were shot a 1/15th of a second ISO 1250

Here is a photo shot with the Fotasy Nikon to Micro Four Thirds adapter and Tokina 100mm Macro lens at ISO 5000. Focus peaking feature of this camera helps out quite a bit when you are using other lenses with the adapter on this camera. The other thing that is a plus, the camera image stabilization is on the sensor itself and not the lens, which means that any lens you use whit this camera will be stabilized which will result in sharper photos altogether.

Here are some photos of my dinner, first day i got the camera. These were shot JPG. Usually I shoot everything in RAW but, I forgot to set the camera to shoot RAW and out of the box it only shoots JPG. These were shot at 1/30th of a second at ISO800.

  _MKY9583 _MKY9576

The only other camera I have considered besides this one was the Sony A6000. The Sony has a 24 megapixel sensor where this one has only 16 megapixels. Obviously we all want the best that's out there. However given the price that I paid for this camera compared to the Sony, i think this camera is fantastic. There were other things that i loved about this camera compared to the Sony. Most of those things are related to the controls on the camera. The fact that the camera has dials to adjust setting in manual mode for me is a huge plus. Coming from my DSLR I can't just Point an Shoot anymore. It just makes the experience so boring. 

In conclusion I highly recommend this camera if you are on a budget, if you want manual controls or if you want to use other lenses and still keep the IS feature.
MONKIFOTO score: 4/5

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