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Franklin Falls

Nikon D610 with the rare Tokina 17mm f3.5 is my go to setup for wide angle shots. However hiking and carrying 20 pounds of gear isn't always my favorite thing to do. So recently i picked up a cheap camera. To be specific a Sony NEX 7. Yes it's old and the Sony A6000 is better but this was $300 cheaper. It has the same sensor as the Nikon D7100..a crop sensor camera. The Big Question is, does it have the same image quality. 

Franklin falls was a great opportunity to take both the cameras out. Here are the photos from the Nikon D610 with the Tokina 17mm lens. Below are the samples from the Sony NEX 7

SONY NEX 7 produces amazing photos on a budget

The camera is quite impressive for a camera that is 5 years outdated. How outdated is it? Not much. It's is very close to the Sony A6000.  Sure the Sony A6000 has  some new improvements and connectivity, however the ability to control the aperture, shutter speed and iso without going into any menus .. is a big + in the favor of the NEX 7.  I never use the WIFI on the camera so that was a big problem for me.

Overall the camera is quite impressive for the $350 I paid for it.  Much better than the Olympus OMD EM10 I had tried out before. 

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