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Sony A6000 with 16-50mm VS Sony NEX7 with 18-55

Cellphones haven't completely destroyed the small camera industry. More and more folks are looking into to small cameras with big performance. This market is dominated by Sony mirrorless cameras. Just recently they have released the Sony A6300 and while it brings some new goodies to the table it's also carries a heavy price tag at $1000 body only. To me that's just crazy. You can purchase a full frame camera for that price which is miles ahead of the APS-C. Many folks are upgrading to the A6300 for its new video capabilities and are ditching their A6000 for half the price. Great! Right? Yes the A6000 is worth the ~$500 price tag. Well time to throw away it's predecessor the NEX 7

Not so fast...
I'm going to keep this simple. I have both of these cameras and I was curious how they compare and if it is worth upgrading from a NEX7 to A6000.

These photos are straight out of the camera.

As you can see on the A6000 with the wider kit lens, 16-50mm, there is quite some vignetting showing up. Why would Sony include a kit lens that does this is beyond me.

The A6000 was on AUTO ISO as I forgot to set this so it is just a hint brighter.  I wouldn't have noticed if I didn't look at the EXIF data.

A6000  ISO160 f8 1/60

NEX 7 ISO100 f8 1/60

Let's take a closer look. Due to the difference in focal length I had to approximate the crop but you can get a pretty good idea of what is going on. It is a lot more apparent that the A6000 is brighter due to the higher ISO than the NEX 7. The colors and noise at the low ISO are nearly identical between the two cameras. So if you don't plan on shooting high ISO save the money and go with the NEX 7.

A6000 100% Crop

NEX 7 100% Crop

Princes May 2016 :
  1. Sony A6300 - $1149 
  2. Sony A6000 - $598 can be had for $500 on ebay
  3. Sony NEX 7 - $449 can be had for $300 on ebay
For the $200 dollar difference between the A6000 and the NEX 7 you can buy an amazing prime lens like Sigma 30mm f2.8 DN Art for on $169.. and have money left over for a gas to take photos and some drinks with a friend. The Sigma 30mm is a wonderful sharp lens, great for street photography with the focal length of 45mm on a APS-C sensor. If you need something wider there is also a Sigma 19mm f2.8 DN Art lens for $199 or for portraits Sigma makes a 60mm f2.8 DN Art for $239.

I currently have the Sigma 30mm f2.8 DN Art but I do plan on adding the other 2 to my collection soon.

I'll be posting sample images from the 30mm f2.8 really soon.

I know this comparison has been done before and there are videos on youtube ... but that wasn't all that helpful to me as I already new the specs on both of these cameras. I hope this will provide a little help to those out there who aren't sure if the A6000 is worth the extra cash.

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