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Sigma 30mm E Mount on Sony A7 (FF Mod)


I purchased the Sigma 30mm and Sigma 60mm  for my SONY NEX 7 in April.  The Sigma 30mm lens is beautiful and so is the performance. At $170 you can't get much better than this. The Sigma 60mm is even better in my opinion, but that's because I love doing portraits. Well after a few months of playing around with Sony gear, (SONY NEX3, SONY NEX7, SONY A6000,  I ended up with another full frame sensor camera. I got a great deal on a SONY A7 with the kit lens and a grip. I sold most of my crop sensor lenses bridge the gap between the a6000 and the A7,  and started purchasing Canon FD and Nikon E series legacy lenses. I haven't gotten around to sell the Sigma 30mm so it just sat around. Yesterday I remembered seeing some article saying that you can use the Sigma 30mm lens on a full frame camera such as SONY A7.  

This is a great opportunity for me to test it out. I have the camera and I have the lens and ... some time to kill. So here are the results.

First you can see the results of the Sigma shot in full frame mode. There is some obvious vignetting going on. I loaded the photo in Adobe Lightroom and  tried to see how much of it I can remove in post if it's even possible.

The results aren't bad. I'm quite impressed. I wouldn't be doing professional work with this lens unless you plan on cropping. There are still traces of the the vignetting left even after the correction. But overall not bad for social media post like Facebook and Instagram.

The same folks that I was mentioning above also mentioned that if you remove the plastic inside the mount it reduces the vignetting. Here is what the lens looks like with the plastic removed. Also the sample images with the vignette correction in Adobe Lightroom.

Here you can see them side by side.

Sigma 30 with the FF mod right Sigma 30 with the FF mod right

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