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Daniel & Sabina

Three year old love has never looked any better. Over last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to capture Daniel and Sabina's love at two spectacular locations. Sabina has reached out to me to help her plan a surprize 3 year anniversary for Daniel. Awesome right?  Both of them love hiking and camping so for locations I decided to use two locations that are very picturesque.

At the beginning, Daniel like 99% other guys out there wasn't happy with the idea and played hard to get. Half way through the photo-shoot, he loosened up and it truly shows in the photos.

First stop Franklin Falls. Beautiful 1 mile hike about 50 miles away from downtown Seattle. It's beautiful and very crowded most of the time.  I suggested that we go 1 hour before the sunset, in hope that most of the crowd had dissipated by then.  Sure enough at 6 pm there we only about 8 people left, the last large group was just heading back. Perfect.. I got a few shots and we ran out of there as it was 50 degrees Fahrenheit and everyone was cold. I didn't get all the shots that I wanted, but i was excited to make that up at the next location Gold Creek Pond.

Ten minutes later, we are at Gold Creek Pond and there is one other photographer doing some lifestyle photography, and it looked really good. The light was running out quickly so I didn't have time to chit chat with the other photographers. Got right to it and used every last ray of light before we hit the bar. I ended up shooting at ISO as high as 1250.

The light was challenging and I had to use Sony 50mm F1.8  with my Sony A7II and shoot wide open a lot of the time.  That was basically all the gear that I brought with me, besides the Sony 28-70 Kit lens. I have temporarily abandoned my heavy Nikon gear in favor of Sony in anticipation of my Euro trip later this year. Also the rumor mill hints at new mirrorless Nikons. Fingers crossed for a A7 rival from Nikon.

More Photos in the Love Gallery.

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