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Fomito FW50 Dual Digital Battery Charger

Sony cameras come with a silly USB charger much like your phone. You have to plug in the camera to charge the battery inside. If you own a Sony camera, you already know how frustrating that is. You can't be out with your camera because it has to be attached to the outlet to charge your battery.  I'm not even going to go into details about how Sony batteries have already a smaller capacity than the other DSLR's and how they drain themselves not even being in the camera. All of that means that after 300 shots you have to plug in your camera. Well if you are like me you have already invested in a few extra Sony batteries. Between my Sony A7II and my Sony A6000 I have 8 batteries. Charging 8 batteries in camera is outright painful. You can purchase many chargers out there. Sony BC-TRW W Series Battery Charger is one option for $40 and it only charges on battery.  Still a slow process.

I needed something to speed up the process. Amazon to the rescue, I present you the, Fomito FW50 Dual Digital Battery Charger. This charger cut my recharging time in half, well even less and I'll explain why later. For me this means more time out with my camera and less time looking at the blinking light on my Sony charger.

This third party charger feels very well built and high quality.
The Sony UB10B output 5V - 500mA
Wasabi Power Single Charger 8.4V -500mA
Fomito FW50 Dual Digital Charger has 2 output modes.
  • Low 8.4V - 1 Battery 1000mA or 2 Batteries 500mA
  • High 8.4V - 1 Battery 1500mA or 2 Batteries 800mA

Because this charger is a higher amperage it means it will charge your batteries faster.  With a 1500mA charger you can charge a battery in 1/3 of the time it takes for a 500mA charger.

Charging my batteries I noticed a little inconsistency.  My camera showed 53%, when I plugged it in the charger it showed 70%.  When the battery was fully charged, I put it in the camera and it showed 100%.  Speaking of fully charged, when the battery is at 100% the display just turns after a few moments.  The display also only shows in 10% increments. These are not deterrents, just little annoyances that i noticed but wouldn't affect most people.

Good: - Fast charging, Charges 2 Batteries
Annoying - Large Size, Inconsistent meter 

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