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Fomito Metal Camera Waist Spider Belt Holster

As helpful as it is my Black Rapid Shoulder strap is, it's not great for walking around hiking or being more active with the camera attached to you as it swing around and bounces on your body. I decided to look for some sort of belt holster. I found a few on Amazon and up on the reviews I decided against them because they were made out of plastic that has a tendency of breaking or cracking and the metal reinforcements were not through the entire holster. I don't attach my expensive camera on something that is not a sure thing.

That's how I came across the Fomito Metal Camera Waist Spider Belt Holster. I decided to try it out and I give it 4 stars and here is why.

Quality is fantastic. All metal built and it feels solid. On the bottom of the there is a tripod mount which is great if you don't want to keep removing the backplate from the camera. You can just screw the tripod mounting plate on the back of the Fomito Spider holster. When the holster is attached to the belt, it will not go any where. It has a great feature where you can lock the locking mechanism by using the thumb screw on the the side to avoid accidentally unlocking the camera when not in use. The safety features are awesome and i was really excited to use this right away.

First wanted to attach it to my backpack strap. My camera backpack doesn't have the thin straps sewn in the shoulder strap where i could fit the Spider Belt holster. Unfortunately the thumbscrews that it came with are a little short to be able to fit it on my actual backpack strap. Not a deal breaker for me. I attached it to my belt.

When attached to the belt... it felt great it was very secure and comfortable to walk around with. When you attach it to the belt I recommend you attach it with the locking pin pointing down so you don't accidentally hit it.

Attaching to the tripod. My Manfrotto, or Dolica tripods do not use arca swiss back plate attachment style unfortunately but i was still able to mount the spider holster with ease. It was stable and it held great. However when i tried to take the camera off it was stuck. To be able to get the camera off I had to remove the Spider Belt Holster off the tripod plate and turn it on it side for the tripod screw loop(D Shaft D-ring) to move enough for the locking mechanism to be pushed all the way in to release the camera. If you look at the photos you will see what I'm talking about. Tripod screw loop(D Shaft D-ring) can be removed and you can use a quarter to tighten the the plate onto the camera or you can replace the screw with something like this. Neewer® D Shaft D-ring 1/4" Mounting Screw 10mm Shaft(


Overall it's a fantastic product with minor things that can be addressed.
If I could change anything it would be the longer thumbscrews to fit the the larger backpack straps, and a different D Shaft D-ring tripod screw and it would be perfect.

If you find this review helpful please share. To help me write more reviews for other photography products please use the links in this blog.

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