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Miho Action Camera

Miho SDV-8560Q 4K UHD Waterproof WiFi Sports Action Camera w/ Sony Sensor 2.0" HD LCD Wide Angle Lens App Remote Control Driving Mode

Miho SDV-8560Q
I always wanted to get an Action Camera but I couldn't get myself to spend $400 for a so called one trick poney.  I have plenty of DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras where I didn't really need one it was just a nice to have. Well last week the nice guys and girls from Miho gave me the opportunity to play with their Action Camera.  I was more than happy to help. I present you the Miho SDV 8560Q.  Check out the description below.  A lot of good options packed in a tiny package. It promises 4k and it comes with accessories for a very affordable price.

  • UHD camera, can record 4K Ultra HD Video (resolution of a real 4K 3840x2160); take 16-mp Still Pictures; support up to 64GB microSD, micro HDMI port for lossless HD transferring.
  • A 196ft (60 meters) waterproof case 
  • 2" 960x240 LTPS TFT LCD:
  • 130-degree Lens and Sony CMOS Sensor: FOV 130 Lens 
  • Multiple functions: "Time Lapse Video", "Slow Motion", "Loop", "Image Rotation", "WiFi Remote Control", "Timered Shot", "Continuous Shot", "Driving Recording", etc

Now the fun part, probably my favorite part. Unboxing.
Miho did a great job with the packaging. Everything is neatly in the box, nothing is loose yet not overly complicated to get your fingers on. Camera rests in the waterproof case and the accessories in the other compartment.
Miho SDV-8560Q Box & Manual

In the box it comes with a bunch of accessories. One is for a bike and one is for helmet. It has a spare door for the waterproof case that is supposed to dissipate heat better.  It has a few brackets that allow you to turn the camera 90 degrees when on the bike attachment.  It has 2 sticky pads and a charging/data cable as well.

Miho SDV-8560Q Accessories

Now let's look at the camera. Clearly the design borrows from it's more popular distant cousin the GoPro with a slew of changes. This camera has a LCD built in which is a bonus. No need to buy extra screen accessory. The operating system in this Miho camera is very easy to understand and to navigate.

If you don't like using the buttons on the camera you can always download the SportCAM from Android Play Store or AppStore and use your phone to control it.
The app is also very simple and very easy to use. The app works perfectly on iOS 10 and Android 7. I saw some people having issues but I didn't encounter any of them.

The big question is whether it can compete with the Gopro or even other cameras?
First thing I did as I received this camera I opened up the manual and quickly looked through it. Something jumped out at me really quick. If you recall the description above, it claims it can take 16 megapixel photos. And in the menus there is an option for that. By default was set to 8 megapixel.  Well it turns out that the camera has a 8 megapixel Sony Sensor. The only way to get 16 megapixel images from this camera is by using interpolation. The Point and Shoot industry has been using this technique in the megapixel race for a long time. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. That does not mean you can't take a good photo with 8 megapixel camera.
The camera's  aperture is F2 and minimum ISO is 50. I didn't see this mentioned anywhere in the manual or description but it's a very important detail.

Here you can see iPhone vs the Miho during the sunny days the performance is nearly as good as the iPhone.

The other thing that jumped at me was the Field Of View (130). 2.6mm  It's not that impressive. It's medium for action cameras. Some will over a wide(170) medium (130) or normal (90)

But that's not here nor there so let's get to the testing.

Low Light Performance leaves a lot to be desired,  don't even bother. This shot was shot at 1/15th af f/2, iso 377.
I have also tried changing the exposure, but that' doesn't seem to make much difference if any.

I tryed to edit in Adobe lightroom and bring back some details. No chance. The black just went to gray when I tried to pull the shadows.

Low light video is better but not by much. Here is a compilation of a few videos driving around during different lighting and weather conditions.
Judge for yourself.

Most of the video was shot in 4K at 25fps.  At the end of the video I have switched to 1080p. 60fps. I was disappointed in the 4K quality. I expected something else but I guess the 4K obtained the same way the 16 megapixel photos are obtained. The other thing to mention is that the camera heats up after a 10 minutes of use regardless of video mode. I haven't used it continuously for more than 20 minutes to see what would happen.

The quality of the 1080p is good. I am happy with it and I will be using it in this mode from now on.
The sound quality of OK I haven't tried it with the waterproof case.

One other thing to be aware of is that the battery is not removable and it only last a few hours. It's a 3.7V 800mAh battery.  I was hoping I could buy extra batteries and swap them out so I can record longer time periods or timelapses. That is not the case. I will need to keep it plugged into an outlet of find a large portable battery and bring that with me. Not such a big deal since those are getting larger and cheaper.

Overall the camera is decent. It certainly provides quite a big set of features for a budget cost. For me 4K isn't necessary and neither is low light yet so this camera does the job that I need.

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  1. An action camera or action-cam is a digital camera designed for filming action while being immersed in it. Action cameras are therefore typically compact and rugged, and waterproof at surface. They typically record photos in burst mode and time lapse mode with the point of view of the shooter they capture video in 4 k mode as this allows continuous capture of the action without having to interact with the camera or indeed removing it from its housing, if an additional protective housing is used. Most record on a micro SD card, and have a Micro-USB connector.