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Samples from Nikon D610 vs A7 with the same lens

For this test I used the exact same lens on the exact same tripod. The only thing that i changed was the body that was attached to the camera.

The lens was a Tamron 70-200 f2.8 VC for Nikon. What i used to mount the Sony camera to this lens was a $20 adapter that can be purchased on Amazon. The adapter is called Fotasy NANG Nikon G-type DX AFS Lens to Sony E-Mount NEX Camera Adapter. If you get an adapter, you have to be very careful because at first I purchased the one adapter that does not allow you to control the aperture which means that all you Nikon G lenses will be stuck wide open.

Nikon D610
1/125th, f10, ISO 100

Sony A7
1/125th, f10, ISO 125

Everyone knows that Nikon uses mostly Sony sensors (Sony IMX-128-(L)-AQP) so the results shouldn't surprise anyone.  After using the two cameras side by side for a few weeks, I can say that Nikon is just slightly warmer than Sony the same way Canon has warmer colors than Nikon.

I am very impressed by the Sony A7. So impressed I sold the Sony A7 and bought a Sony A7II. Why? do you ask... well in body stabilization.  Because I still use my Nikon lenses with the Sony camera with the adapter, they officially have become dumb lenses. For now the Commlite adapter for Nikon is the only adapter that provides Auto focus for Nikon lenses on Sony E mount. And the performance of that is poor. In body stabilization helps with these lenses like the 70-200 or my 17mm prime.

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