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Viltrox JY610II vs Neewer NW -610II

Viltrox JY610II vs Neewer NW -610II
Due to my previous review of the NEEWER NW610II the wonderful folks at Fomito offered me the opportunity to review the VILTROX version and compare the two. I was also informed by the same folks that VILTROX is the manufacturer of both of these flashes and NEEWER NW 610II is just a rebranded VILTROX JY610II.

Immediately from looking at the photos you can tell that they are nearly identical. The only difference is the branding. I have tested these 2 flashes side by side and their functionally, power output and light quality is exactly the same.

The one difference between the 2 is the accessories.  The VILTROX JY610II included in it's box a nice diffuser. That is one great addition that would make this worth buying over the NEWEER version.

The VILTROX JY610II flash offers great features budget cost and awesome portability. This will be used not only for traveling for my Sony A7II because it has no built in flash but also in the studio for fill light or hair light.
 With the flash a manual, a carrying pouch and a diffuser was included. Manufacture quality seems great, it feels well built and sturdy.
This compact flash decent amount of power. You wont be able to overpower daylight but it is much stronger than nothing or the build in flashes. The head swivels up which can't be done with most on camera flashes. This is perfect for bouncing the light from the ceiling. The head can't be rotated which means you can do vertical shots with it and also you can't bounce the light behind you as the head doesn't rotate that far back.
Tested with Sony A7, Sony A7II, Sony A6000, Nikon D610.
Uses 2 AA batteries.
Recycle time is 0.1 - 4 sec not bad using ENELOOP batteries. And the manual estimates 100-680 flashes.
*Do not fire more than 20 continuous flashes in a short period of time. May cause overheating. Batteries will be hot.
Slave mode works very well. I was able to set it off with the built in flash on the Sony A6000
S1 will sync with MASTER
S2 will avoid pre-flash with master. (you want to be in this mode if you are using built in flash in a dark and your camera is using preflash to focus)

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