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Bubby Booby Baby Bag Amazon Photos

At times Instagram can be a great source of clients. In my personal experience, it has not brought a continuous stream of clients not as much as Facebook. Last week was one of those days when Instagram helped a client contact me about getting some white background photos for his new product that will go on sale on Amazon.

I was more than happy to help. I have been working with other sellers on Amazon as well as other businesses who use white background photos for their products. I had a little experience in the past that needed some refreshing.

Before getting started I had to run to the local camera store and get some white background paper as I had used my previous roll for Headshots and portraits. $30 later I'm ready to begin.

The setup was very simple. One Flashpoint LED Ring Light and one Yongnuo YN360 on a Dolica TX570DS . Using my awesome Sony A7RIII and the Sony 16-35mm f4 I was about to get some really high-resolution images for the client. They were shot at F8, 1/80th handheld with is anywhere from 320 to 800.


One of the most useful things with shooting this kinda of products is that you have to know how to use the histogram to be able to make sure that you get a pure white background around the product. Don't need to worry so much about the corners as those can be corrected in photoshop.

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