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Collage Templates

When I started working on my website I wanted to make collages of photos to post on my website and social media. Using them would save me time programming and it would give me the ability to share them with greater ease. I searched on the web and to my amazement, I wasn't able to find simple pdf templates that I can just start using. Sure I could create my own but I didn't want to waste any time trying to measure things and calculate things for things to work out.  As mentioned above, my search came up short and I had to invest some time to create my own. Now I want to share these and save your time.

Use the link below to download them and if you ended up using them please let me know so I can create more and share them. Leave a comment or send me an email to give me your feedback.


How to use these.
Step one: Open in Photoshop
Step two: Drag Photo on top of the collage.
Step three: Place Image where you want it to show, right click on the image layer and select
Create Clipping Mask.
Step four: Repeat with all the images you want to add.
Step five: Save image.

Enjoy the Result!

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