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Rental Property Cash Flow Analysis

Rental Property Cash Flow Analysis

Rental Property Cash Flow Analysis

Monthly Operating Income
Number of Units
Monthly Rent/Unit *
Total Rental Income
% Vacancy (3-10%)
Total Vacancy Loss
Gross Monthly Operating Income (GMOI)

Monthly Operating Income
Property Management Fees (7-12% of GMOI)
Repairs and Maintenance (5-15% of GMOI)
Homeowners/Property Association Fees
Real Estate Taxes
Rental Property Insurance
Replacement Reserve
Utilities ( Water & Sewer, Electricity, Garbage)
Pest Control
Accounting and Legal
Monthly Operating Expenses

Net Operating Income (NOI)
Total Annual Operating Income
Total Annual Operating Expense
Annual Net Operating Income

Capitalization Rate and Valuation
Desired Capitalization Rate (%)
Property Valuation (Offer Price) (NOI/CapRate)
Actual Purchase Price
Actual Capitalization Rate(%)

Yearly property taxes need to be calculated based on the loan : loanInfo.loanAmount * 0.0076

Loan Information
Loan Amount
Down Payment (must calc %)
Acquisition Costs (Inspection) and Loan Fees
Length of Mortgage (years)
Annual Interest Rate(%)
Initial Investment
Monthly Mortgage Payment (PI)
Annual Interest
Annual Principal
Total Loan Payment
Total Loan Interest
Total Annual Debt Service

Cash Flow and ROI
Total Monthly Cash Flow (before taxes)
Total Annual Cash Flow (before taxes)
Cash on Cash Return (ROI)

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