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Minimalist Travel Photography Kit

Minimalist Travel Photography

“The best camera is the one you have with you, thats not a phone. 😄”

In my minimal travel camera kit…

That's all folks.

I know many of you are thinking... Thats it? Let me explain a few things here. I tryed to compile a kit that makes most sense and reduces the amount of things I need to remember to take with me and make sure I do not lose.

My photography kit usually includes 2 Sony A7RIII bodies and 5 lenses, filters, tripods, drone and 360 camera...and other miscellaneous things like MacBook Pro, chargers, cards, cables, headphones...etc. However that is very heavy so for the purpose of travel I devised a new smaller kit. One camera and 2 small pocket-able lenses. The Fuji X-T30 has the power of the Fuji X-T3 minus the size. The same 26MP sensor as the higher end X-T3 provides excellent quality photos and video and it looks fantastic. The lenses are not very extreme but they are small and light. One is a wide angle and one is a normal lens (27mm and 52mm full frame equivalent) which are good for 80% of the photo needs while traveling.

I use a micro SD card instead of a regular SD card because the Dell 5285 has built in micro SD Card reader. One of the many perks of this discontinued gem by Dell. It also has SIM card slot, so it makes connecting to the internet one the go very easy. No tethering plans needed with the phone. This laptop has i7 processor with 8 GB of ram and mine came with 500 GB of SSD. All of these specs help with the RAW photo processing. The other things to list about this laptop of the 2 USB-C type ports and one USB-A. I can charge the laptop which charges my camera and my phone without 3 different chargers.

You might also think, what does music have to do with photography? Well nothing really but yes something. If I’m traveling usually I'm on an airplane or on a train, which if you have ever been on one of either of those, you know that they are not the most quiet. So a good set of earphones help drown that noise. It also helps having some beats or an audio book to listen to while waiting to get the shot. The Phiaton Bolt earphones come with a charging case that keeps the ear buds always charged but also doubles as a portable Bluetooth speaker. How awesome is that.

What do you take with you on your travels. Leave a comment below.

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