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Don't buy from Best Buy

Don't buy from Best Buy.

I was shopping around for a Sony 35mm F1.8 FE used. I found one for a good price at Best Buy. It was priced better than BH Photo, Adorama or Amazon. I decided to buy the lens.  I rushed to my wallet pulled out my card, and 2 minutes later I get my purchase confirmation.

A week later full of anticipation I get an email saying the item is delayed a month. I quickly call customer service to learn that the Items sold online are not guaranteed. They will sell you something and then sell it to someone else.

I would expect that if someone else purchased the item online before me, they would list it OUT OF STOCK. And if someone purchased the item after me or would try to buy in-store this item the would mark it as SOLD.

But no. They have you on the hook because you made a commitment to buy from them. You are their customer already so why would they lose the customer that comes to buy it in-store even if it's already sold.

I have already had problems with Best Buy and their customer service on several occasions over the past 15 years. Hopefully, this is the last time and I learn my lesson.

Just a little update. It's February 19 and status has not changed.  I have spoken with many Best Buy Reps some even told me the item will be delivered by February 10th. I am beyond frustrated. I wanted to cancel my order. They are putting a hold on my credit card every week for this amount.
Unfortunately for me, they won't let me cancel the order because they are working on it.

 I went to the Better Bussiness Bureau website to file a claim. Not a big surprise they have a terrible rating. I don't know if I should waste any more time with this company.

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